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Warspear Online is a cross-platform massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) for smart phones. Jump into the game and experience everything the lands of Arinar have to offer! Explore the unique game world and unearth its rich, unique history as you go on adventures and learn new abilities. All the while you'll be communicating with fellow players from around the world and finding new friends to battle with and against. The classic, colorful graphics will blow you away, and are optimized for various smartphones so you can enjoy your gameplay without any annoying screen twitching.Customize your character upon creation by choosing not only your gender, faction, and class, but your hairstyle & color as well. As you quest you'll equip your character with various amazing in-game items, like armor and weapons which will make you stand out even further! Experience intense gameplay with our real-time battle system that will never leave you bored (unlike turn-based systems). Immerse yourself in the world of Warspear Online and take on all the dangers and surprises it has in store!Warspear Online is an exciting world where you can become a hero, earn respect and meet new friends. And best of all, it'll never be far from your hands - all you need is a phone and internet access.


  • Classic fantasy genre design;
  • Colorful graphics and a unique game world;
  • Diversity of characters and the ability to fine-tune them at your whim. Change your look with tons of various weapons and armor;
  • Intense gameplay based on addictive real-time battles;
  • Trade items with other players;Communication through multi-channel game chat;
  • The ability to form groups and complete game quests together;
  • Compete against other players in intense PvP combat;
  • Access the game world from virtually any location, allowing complete mobility.

System requirements:

platform: iPhone / Android / Symbian S60 / Windows Mobile / Windowsscreen resolution:

176x208 and higherfree space: about 30Mbfree

RAM: not less than 20Mb

device should have Internet access



  • ranger - Rangers are elven bowmen.
  • druid - druids learn depths of natural magic.


  • paladin - Paladins are warriors of the Order of Heavenly Light.
  • priest - Priests of Holy Church have dedicated themselves to serve to Harad.
  • mage - Mages are the masters of the elements.

Mountain clanEdit


Item databaseEdit


Lightweight armorEdit

Lightweight armor can be used by paladin , bladedancer , ranger , barbarian , rogue and death knight

-Simple armorEdit

  • requirements : level 3, lightweight armor passive skill.
  • bonuses : 51 physical armor, 41 health.

-Worn vambracesEdit

  • Requirements : level 2, lightweight armor passive skill.
  • bonuses : 26 physical resistance, 0,3 % critical hit.
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