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Faction Chosen (Sentinels)
Role(s) Utility, Support
Weapon proficiency Staves
Armor proficiency Cloth

The Priest is a wizard utility/support class of the Chosen faction.

Class OverviewEdit

Priests of the Holy Church have dedicated themselves to serve Harad. They do not spend days and nights at exhausting training, instead they improve their spirit by learning the precepts left by their fiery-faced god, Harad. Therefore, the prayers of priests are never left without an answer - for such a zealous service, Harad provides his servants with the power to do great miracles. Appealing to Harad, the priests heal and bless comrades on the battlefield and bring down the wrath of the Sun God upon their enemies. There is no force that could break the belief of priests - which is their main and most dangerous weapon. It is this belief that enables the Chosen to be the ones who they really are.


Passive AbilitiesEdit

SpiritualityIB Normal
Type: Passive
Effect: Increase the maximum amount of energy by 10%.
Cloth Armor
ClothArmorIB Normal
Type: Passive
Effect: Grants use of cloth armor.
StavesIB Normal
Type: Passive
Effect: Grants use of magical staves.

Base AbilitiesEdit

Harad's Tears
HaradsTearsIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 6 sec. Range: 5 yards.
Effect: Harad's fiery tears fall on the target enemy, dealing magic damage. If the Priest or his party members are attacked by enemies, there is a chance that Harad's tears will fall on them too.
Word Power
WordPowerIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 15 sec. Range: 4 yards.
Effect: Casts a curse on a selected enemy. If the target uses a skill which requires energy consumption, then they will additionally lose a percent of their maximum energy. The amount of energy lost by the enemy, and its duration, increases with skill level.
ArmisticeIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 12 sec. Range: 4 yards.
Effect: Under this skill, the target enemy can't attack the Priest, and the Priest can't attack the target. Howevew, the other target's opponents start to deal increased damage to it.
Holy Shield
HolyShieldIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 12 sec. Range: 4 yards.
Effect: This shield provides a strong protective cover around the character, or an ally. This consumes a certain amount of damage. The consumed damage affected by the shield increases with skill level.
Healing Touch
HealingTouchIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 8 sec. Range: 4 yards.
Effect: Instantly restores an amount of the character or ally's health points, using magic power.

Expert AbilitiesEdit

Valor Aura
ValorAuraIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 90 sec.
Effect: The Priest creates an aura which increases physic and magic power. It affects all allies within a certain radius.
Elusive Threat
ElusiveThreatIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 22 sec. Range: 4 yards.
Effect: Casts a spell which reduces the enemy's health and energy whilst the enemy is moving.
PaybackIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 30 sec. Range: 5 yards.
Effect: Causes magic damage to the target. If the enemy has fewer health points than 20% of the maximum amount, the attack causes double damage.
RedemptionIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 30 sec. Range: 6 yards.
Effect: The selected area is used for restoring a small amount of health for allies and destroying the negative effects.
Gods' Help
GodsHelpIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 40 sec. Range: 5 yards.
Effect: Increases chance and power of critical strike and attack speed of the character.
Mystic Mark
MysticMarkIB Normal
Type: Active Cooldown: 7 sec. Range: 4 yards.
Effect: Summons a mystic mark upon an enemy, thus decreasing the enemy's physical and magical defense. If an enemy gets 3 suck marks, all enemies within a small radius from the target will be damaged.