The Mountain men are rough and fearless. Each of the clans inhabiting the rocky island Godgorrath starts their bloodline from this or that beast-forefather. The people of clans pay disdain and hatred towards those plainsmen. Only a few highlanders remember that many centuries ago their ancestors dwelt in plains amongst the humans.But one day Berengar, a mighty chieftain and sorcerer, left the homelands with his tribe, cursing the arrogant elves and the humans who betrayed him. Berengar’s people inhabited the snowy mountains of Godgorrath and started their lives from scratch. With time their memory cleared up, they started resembling wild animals and even their language turned barking and croaking. The secret legends were passed from shaman to shaman – amongst the wisest highlanders. War craft is an only occupation worth a map –warriors of the Mountains, so-called barbarians, are considered as best fighters in Arinar by right. Those who won no military glory prefer to become rogues, betting on their faithful knife and cunning.During the War of Spear the highlanders would have raised their weapons against the army of Damned who intruded to their lands, but Orin the Damned King wisely decided that the Mountain Clans who hate elves and humans might become his allies. His decision was correct – the best warriors of the Mountains joined the fearsome Legion. Defeated in the Last Battle, the mountain clans grew quiet for a time – during the Great Breaking which destroyed the once-whole continent, Godgorrath got surrounded by stormy seas.The Mountain Clans learned navigation quick enough and started raiding the shores of hated humans and elves. Only the undead Legion, which remains in the memory of the Clans as all-destructive force, inspires respect and desire to co-exist peacefully in Mountain Clans. Moreover, Paramount Chieftain Berkus has got exhorted by the admonition of the Damned, dreams about revival of Legion in its former glory and about the new war against the Keepers.