Elves, also known as the Firstborn, were created by Deity Nuadu in the beginning of time. Granted with almost infinite life span, the elves were designed to assist the Heavenly Brothers as the Keepers of peace and order in Arinar, protecting the Spear from infringement of Garaan-made jakkar-demons. Their long life allowed the elves to achieve great wisdom and sharpen natural skills with swords and bows.However, the paucity of Nuadu’s children almost led them to elimination during the war against jakkars who craved for the Spear. Then Harad had created humans to make them faithful students and allies to the elves. However the hot temper of humankind became a reason of war between two Keepers races – and they clashed in bloody War of Moon and Sun. Only then, when both peoples understood how devastating the discord is, humans and elves signed Eternal peace.During the horrible years of War of Spear, the two races fought shoulder to shoulder against the Legion spawned by Garaan’s black breath.After the glorious victory over the Damned King Orin’s army, the elves didn’t return to war-devastated Eternal forest where they lived since the beginning. They inhabited the north-eastern woods of Melwandil, which became an island after the Great Breaking. Until now the Firstborn worship Nuadu and strictly follow his precept – protect any life. The elven druids heal the wounds of earth, caused during the War of Spear planting new forests and saving the old ones, while the blade dancers and rangers carefully watch the borders of Melwendil for the signs of mountain tribes and undead.The Council of Twelve, consisting of most eminent fighters and wizards of the Firstborn. Children of Nuadu keep good-neighbor relations with humans for a long time. However, the elves do not trust humans too much, treating them as younger brothers, although the Firstborn never had and never will get any other allies in Arinar. There’s an old-going rivalry between elves and Mountain Clans which never ceased through the ages. Yet, the undead stay the main enemy of the elves. For a long time the druids of the Council of Twelve watch the magical fluctuations in southern part of Arinar with fear – and the wisest of the Firstborn have no doubt that the Damned are plotting something."Firstborn" faction classes